What if I told you that anything a psychic can see in your future, you have the ability to tap into?
You've invested hundreds of dollars, likely thousands, in your own self healing.  You frequent spiritual retreats and gatherings: Burning Man, Spirit Weavers, Wanderlust, Ayahuasca and other plant medicine retreats and you have a section in your contacts dedicated to the healers you recommend to your friends. 
 But you're stuck in a cycle of healing fragments of yourself never truly feeling complete or whole, there's always something else that needs re-atuning and up 'til now, you've been practicing "self-care" to help you feel re-aligned.
My Future Self Meditation is an invitation to you to approach a path of self healing that you've never experienced before.  On this journey of taking the final step in your self healing it is my intention to simply guide you toward meeting your last guru. 


Quit ➡️

I love quitting. 

Everyone tells you not to...

What's waiting for you on the other side of quitting is your DREAM LIFE.

Why not quit your (job/relationship/bad habits) if you hate them so badly?

Is it because you're afraid?

Fear is no longer a good enough reason for you to hold back on your dreams.

You ARE good at quitting in one area of your life...

Quitting on yourself.

I used to quit on myself too. 

We are taught to "never give up..."

But what if giving up meant that you were finally free 

to go after your dream?

Connect ➡️

 What if I told you

I've met my last guru.

and I want to introduce you to yours.

Imagine loving your spiritual practice: sitting in ceremony, receiving Reiki, practicing breathwork, collecting crystals, oils and tinctures.


No longer needing to be fixed. 

You've thought about it many times, when will I finally feel like I've truly healed? 

If only your meditations were more consistent,

or if you weren't such a sensitive empath,

or if you felt more confident in your ability to manifest...

then maybe you'd feel whole enough to start taking your own healing business seriously. 

But what if I told you that you are in the perfect place in your journey to take the last step?



Flow 🔼

What you don't know is

You already have what it takes to create the soul centered business of your dreams.

You've already done a jymongous amount of healing.  

You ARE the sovereign of your life.

Your friends already come to you for advice.

You've been told how radiant your energy is by strangers.

The only reason you haven't made a mad dash in the direction of your dreams

is you've been leaving out a vital part of your spiritual journey...

and it's something no other spiritual teacher wants you mingling with.

Your Ego.  

This part of the journey doesn't need to be a long one. 

In six months you could become the one and only healer you need for the rest of your life, and you could also have the successful healing business you've always wanted.


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